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liliesredcups said: So happy and proud of you cactus queen.

thank you baby

Anonymous said: Please tell us all about your first day at the university!!

Moving in didnt take long but i forgot to buy a few things so my dad took me to target and gave me 40 dollars cash for emergency. Then i went to my dorm and finished organizing, and went to lunch with my parents. I didnt eat much but it was nice. Then they dropped me off and we said bye and i did some more organizing, ate some cookies and watched parks and rec for awhile. Then my roommate came home and we went to our hall meeting which was okay, i was kind of disappointed that my RA talked more about rules and less about fun traditions but thats her job i guess.. Then my roommate and i ordered pizza and cookies and ate together and talked and we went to the dollar store and bought a few things. 

overall, i love it. my dorm is roomy and cozy, my roommate is awesome, my classes are great and lawrence is beautiful. im just super tired and someone is standing outside of my door yelling. 



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n I’m driving on the highway when your favorite song comes on the radio n all I can see is the way your eyes light up when you smile n all I can think is Fuck

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