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carriepoppins said: I'm glad you're loving your library job! You deserve it. Plus you're gonna look fierce with green hair. ((You already look fierce but you'll look even more fierce))

Oh wow thank you!!!!

Anonymous said: Chloe, I'm so sorry about your family situation right now. I know you don't do this sort of thing, and I respect that, but I'll be praying that everything gets better like I know it will. You're such a strong human. Surround yourself with those you love, along with the things you love and you'll be just fine. Love you Chlo, xoxo.

Thank you so much, have a lovely night.


look at my new phone case 

Anonymous said: I saw you post on facebook about your sister. are you and your family okay?

I mean yeah. My little sister is in foster care right now because of my dad’s ex wife being incompetent when “parenting” her. It’s really hard to see her and I don’t go because it makes me so upset and tonight was no different because it’s her birthday. I don’t know.


my neighbors parked their car in front of mine I think they are sending a message